Hey y'all I'm April...

Yes, that is correct, I said y'all.  A born and bred southern girl, so that word is used often in my vocabulary.  Thank you all for visiting my site and hopefully considering me to photograph your family.  Here is a little about what makes me who I am.  

~ I love Jesus and my church.

~ I'm not married and have no chaps, but I hope that status changes one day.

~ I do have one nephew (Drew).  You will probably hear me talk about him at some point.  He is my 'lil buddy.

~ I have one crazy chihuahua (Trixie) who thinks she is a pit bull.  Trust me, her bark is worse than her bite. 

~ I'm a registered nurse turned photographer.  So all my photo skills were taught by trial and error.  No time for school when you work 3rd shift at the hospital.  I have a background in post surgical and maternity nursing.  People ask, "Why did you switch professions?".  My response, " It was God's plan I guess."  

~ I started taking pictures in 2005, and 10 years later.....still going.  Wow!!! That's crazy.  

~ I love sweet tea, pepsi, and mtn dew.  

~ I'm known by many to get a chicken sandwich or something chicken everytime i go out to eat.  There is no way I could survive as a vegitarian.

~ I have weird OCD rituals that I am often made fun of.  :)

~ I'm a sucker for movies that make you cry.  

~ I'm definitely a homebody, but I wish I could travel all the time to places I've never been.

~ I talk ALOT.  I get it honest from my daddy, so I won't be offended if you tell me to hush.  :)  

~ And probably my worst trait....I'm a procrastinator.  But in my defense....and I have witnesses...I work best under pressure.  Always have and probably always will.  

These are just a few of the things about my life.  I love meeting new people and learning about other families that are as crazy as mine.  I hope we have a chance to meet and begin a new friendship.  One of the biggest rewards to me, is having seen babies grow into little ones who come running in screaming "Miss April".  Makes my heart melt.  Thank you again to everyone for your support and love.  I wouldn't be here without you.  May God bless you all!!!! 

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